Netflix Documentary Film Crew Attacked By Tiger Sharks While Shooting Nature Show, Director Says The Shark ‘Leaped At The Boat and Bit Huge Holes In It’

Jeremy Lanfranchi/Unsplash

A documentary crew for Netflix had an alarming encounter on the Pacific Ocean north of Hawaii after the inflatable boats they were on were charged at by 15-foot Tiger sharks, the New York Post reports.  

Reports say that the Netflix crew was gathering footage

“of a Laysan albatross’s maiden flight for David Attenborough’s Our Planet II.” They were on a six-day journey attempting to film underwater.  

Toby Nowlan, the producer, and director, detailed the terrifying encounter. He told,

“This ’v’ of water came streaming towards us and this tiger shark leaped at the boat and bit huge holes in it. The whole boat exploded… We were trying to get it away and it wasn’t having any of it. It was horrific. That was the second shark that day to attack us.”

He explained the sharks’ behavior as

“extremely unusual.” 

“They were incredibly hungry, so there might not have been enough natural food and they were just trying anything they came across in the water,”

Nowlan added. 

Luckily, they were nearly a half mile from the ground and were able to return safely. Nowlan said they

“later sent out a small rubber dinghy;”

however, that was also bombarded and the motor was knocked out by giant trevallies,

reports The Post. 

Huw Cordey, a producer of the documentary, informed The Sun that

“it was like something out of Jaws.” 

He added,

“The original idea was to do an underwater shoot with the tiger sharks waiting in the shallows at Laysan. But the first day the tiger sharks were around, the crew got into these inflatable boats – and two sharks attacked them… Suffice to say, they didn’t get any underwater shots.”

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