Newlywed Disappointed After Wasting Over $2K On Wedding After More Than Half Of RSVP’d Guests Didn’t Show Up

Unsplash/ Beatriz Pérez Moya

Imagine having a wedding and thinking everyone who RSVP’d would show up but didn’t without a heads-up or a warning. Well, this TikToker, Gray Narvaez-Dragion, 

who identifies with the pronouns they/them, has revealed that this has happened to them, which in turn caused Narvaez-Dragion to waste $2,500. Gray Narvaez-Dragion, 18, uploaded a TikTok video of an empty reception hall with a caption that read,

“my reception :/.”

The text on the video said,

“88 people said yes… not even 40 showed up.”

The video has since garnered over 400,000 likes with more than 5,000 comments.

The newlywed informed Insider that they were in communication with the guests who didn’t show up, so they’re confused by the turnout, reports Insider. Narvaez-Dragion said due to the no-shows, they were forced to cancel the private dance, the sparkler send-off, the dinner, and the reception was shortened. They went on to say in another clip that Narvaez-Dragion and Nyx, their partner, cried in the room where the ceremony was held. 

Narvaez-Dragion informed the news outlet that they are unsure why the people didn’t show up as most of the people who didn’t come were coworkers. 

“Every person we invited wasn’t random; we loved every single one very dearly,”

the TikToker said. 

The newlywed revealed that they ended up losing $2,500 out of the $3,000 they paid that went toward gifts for their guest, food, and a DJ. They managed to leave a large amount of food and most of the cake. 

“There’s so much we didn’t get to do because of how early people had left. We were signing our marriage license when I saw a few people leave,”

said Narvaez-Dragion. 

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