ONSITE! EXCLUSIVE: Nicki Minaj Says She’s Ready To Focus On Her Artists and Help Make Their Dreams Come True While Discussing New Label 


Nicki Minaj discussed the creation of her own label, the reason she chose to do it, and the way in which she went about it. During a discussion with Onsite’s CEO Rah Ali, and Milagro Gramz, the Red Ruby Da Sleeze rapper revealed that she’s serious about her artists and was only interested in starting a label when she had the time to give them the high level of attention that they deserve. 

The rapper said,

“People have been asking me for years, start your own label, can you sign me. I’ve always have said the same thing for everybody.” 

Minaj continued,

“Until I know that I’m ready to focus and really push people to the superstardom that would make me feel good, until I can do that, I’m not going to waste anybody’s time and just have them signed for the sake of a check, and have somebody’s life and dreams just sitting there.”  

“I have to be ready to focus on them, and to help make their dreams come true,”

she added. 

The Queens rapper reflected on her time coming up in the industry with Lil Wayne revealing that he took her career serious so it’s only fair if she did the same thing for her artists.

She later announced that she plans on releasing the name of her label soon. 

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