Organ Trafficking Ring Busted After 14-Year-Old Boy Discovered In Lab With Kidney Removed 

Piron Guillaume/ Unsplash

On Friday, authorities in Pakistan note that they discovered an organ trafficking ring when a boy, 14, was located in an


lab after having his kidney’s taken out. According to CBS News, the ring lured in young victims by promising them high-paying jobs before removing their organs, particularly, kidneys to sell for up to USD 4,000. Six people were arrested in connection to the crime. 

A spokesman for the Punjab police, Rehan Anjum, told AFP,

“It was only after we followed the evidence and leads that we discovered that there was an organ trafficking operation behind the boy’s disappearance.” 

“The boy told us that when he woke up there was an Arab man on the stretcher next to him, so we think that most of the clients were foreigners,”

Anjum added. 

The victims were transported to a testing lab in Rawalpindi that has been used for

“clandestine organ transplant surgeries,”

reports the outlet. Labs for clandestine operations in Pakistan don’t have the proper supplies and tools and patients could’ve potentially died from difficulties. 

The young boy’s father told AFP,  

“I’m just grateful that the police found him alive, otherwise they had left him for dead.” 

Officials say doctors who were involved hasn’t been tracked down. 

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