Parents Outraged After First Graders Allegedly Forced 6-Year-Old Girl To Perform Sex Act During Class and Then Recorded It On School’s Ipad

Ivan Aleksic/Unsplash

Parents are outraged and want answers from Texas district school officials after students in first grade reportedly forced their classmate, 6, to execute a sex act as they filmed while the teacher was in the classroom, according to FOX. The incident occurred at the Plainview South Elementary School where parents and members of the community assembled to protest. On Monday, at least 30 people throughout the day showed up outside of the administrative office of the Plainview Independent School District. 

Protesting parents learned about the April 19 incident after the school district informed the parent of the girl involved. Following the school’s call, the first-grader revealed that she was pressured by other students to do the sex act. After the incident there was a change in the girl’s behavior, the student’s cousin, Heather Gonzales, told KCBD. 

The young girl later confessed that a boy inappropriately revealed himself to her, which reportedly occurred at the school lunch line. She also admitted that she was pulled under a desk and pushed to perform a sex act while another student filmed it with an iPad given to them by the school. The girl revealed that the act didn’t stop

“until they let [her] go.” 

The unidentified girl’s older cousin said the school hasn’t given her direct answers concerning the situation and the students have been transferred to different classrooms. H.T. Sanchez, Plainview ISD Superintendent, told the news outlet that the school reported the incident and alerted the Texas Child Protective Services after the video was discovered. He added that a state investigator went to Plainview and is

“working with a local law enforcement agency,”

reports say. 

When the teacher retrieved all of the student’s Ipads, one Ipad was locked. After it was unlocked by campus administrators, they discovered inappropriate content on it. School officials say that the teacher was assisting another student during the duration of the act; however, she was still placed on administrative leave as the investigation continues. 

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