Parents Shocked When Teacher Was Allowed to Work For Weeks After Allegedly Telling Assistant Principal That She Wanted To ’Shoot Some Students’

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According to Fox, a middle school teacher from Florida was allowed to work for several weeks after informing the Fox Chapel Middle School assistant principal that she wished to shoot some students. The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office told Fox 13, that officials extracted firearms from the teacher’s home after she confided in the assistant principal claiming that she was  

“having bad thoughts”


“[wished] to shoot some students.”

The school official informed a school resource officer about the comments made by the unidentified teacher. The teacher told the guidance counselor that she was angry because she

“learned about a social media post where people were talking negatively about her sexual orientation.”

The teacher went on to reportedly tell the guidance counselor that she

“immediately stated she would never harm a student [and] stated that she does not want to harm herself.” 

The day that the guns were taken from the teacher’s home, a judge approved a permanent Risk Protection Order. Administrators revealed that initially, the teacher was allowed to return to work. However, a spokesperson for the Hernando County School District said they followed the threat assessment protocol. 

The spokesperson said,

“What the report shows is that a team of professionals made up of school, district, and law enforcement personnel followed all steps of the district’s threat assessment protocol to ensure this teacher was no danger to themselves or others.” 

In another statement released on Thursday the school district revealed that the educator will be removed from

“all student contact,”

and the teacher’s return date is to be determined as they carry out an investigation. 

Parents disagreed with the initial decision of allowing the unnamed teacher to work after her complaint. One parent, Mike Martini, said,

“Anybody that makes a comment like that should not be working in a school. If a student made that comment there would be charges pressed. The child would be expelled.” 

#Clique, what are your thoughts? 

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