Parents Speak Out About Safety Concerns After A Disabled 6-Year-Old Girl Dies On A Bus Ride To School

6ABC Philadelphia

Najmah Nash, the mother of Fajr Atiya Williams, believes that her daughter’s passing could have been prevented if neglect and disregard for policies and procedures had not occurred, according to ABC News. 

Fajr, who had a rare chromosome disorder called Emanuel syndrome, died on a New Jersey school bus when bumps in the road caused her to slump in her wheelchair, tightening the harness around her neck and blocking her airways. Nash, along with other parents of disabled students, is working with the school board to ensure the safety and protection of students with disabilities in schools. 

The mother said,

“I want the world to know that I, Najmah Nash, will not back down. I will not stop fighting for change… And I will assure you with every fiber of my being to make sure that change comes and it comes now, and swiftly because I don’t want no other family to feel the way I feel right now.”

They are advocating for change and are determined to prevent any other family from experiencing the pain they are going through. 

Amanda Davila, a bus monitor has been charged in connection with Fajr’s death after being accused of being on her phone and wearing headphones during the critical time when Fajr was in distress

The incident has sparked conversations about transportation, communication, and education for disabled students, intending to create inclusive and supportive environments in schools. The school district is taking steps to address concerns and ensure compliance with safety protocols. Despite the tragedy, Fajr’s mother wants her daughter to be remembered for her joyful spirit and growth over the years.

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