‘Rain of Worms’ Pummels China With Insects Splattering All Over Cars and Pavements

Unsplash/Gio Bartlett

It looks like China citizens were told to seek shelter after worms began to fall from the sky. According to the New York Post, a viral video showed raining worms in the Chinese province of Liaoning area as worms were falling on the pavement and vehicles. 

However, people seemed to be unbothered because in the clip one bystander appears to be walking calmly as they held their umbrella.

Although it’s unclear how this outcome would be possible, the scientific journal Mother Nature Network proposed that the worms could’ve potentially been dropped in the area by strong winds. The journal also said that this can happen following a storm when insects are swept up by a whirlwind. Another theory said that the worms aren’t worms but poplar flowers, which resemble worms. 

#Clique, what are your thoughts? 

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