Sephora Customer Says Checkout Employee Made Her Cry: “This Is Why I Go Online Shopping”

A video where a Sephora customer shared her unfortunate experience with an employee that led her to tears has gone viral.

Creator “Quinn” went to the beauty retailer to purchase mascara from the Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez line, and left feeling insecure. In the TikTok, where she covers her face with a crying emoji, Quinn explains the interaction between her and the worker led to free skincare samples along with unsolicited comments about her acne.

“The person was like, ‘I hope that helps your skin because it looks pretty bad right now,’” Quinn says.

The hurt TikToker explains that she’s been struggling with her breakouts since she was a teen, and hasn’t found a regimen that has worked for her. “I didn’t know what to say,” Quinn shares. “Honestly, I just froze because I know my skin looks like, pretty bad right now. I just was just stressed and- I just have acne, okay?”

“I was already having a pretty bad day,” she added. “And then they gotta hit me with this?”

Half a million views later, accompanied by thousands of comments, the video has garnered a lot of attention. Some left comments on Quinn’s TikTok, sharing stories of their less than satisfactory treatment from Sephora employees. Many suggested that she go above the retail worker and report her to a manager, but the TikTok user refuses, saying that maybe the person was having a bad day.

“I work a minimum-wage retail job, and if I get a complaint, I could get fired,” she explains. “I don’t want that to happen to this person.” If only that Sephora employee had been as empathetic as Quinn, who now has no intention of returning to the store.

“This is why I go online shopping.”

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