Stolen Vehicle Fatally Struck Pedestrian Before Colliding Into Building That Collapsed Over Wreckage, Reports Say Incident Occurred After Cops Attempted To Stop Stolen Car

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ David von Diemar

An alarming video shows an alleged stolen vehicle fatally crashing into a pedestrian, another vehicle, as well as a building in Baltimore causing the building to crumple onto both cars. According to the New York Post, the shocking encounter happened on Feb. 8 following the moment officials attempted to pull over a driver who was accused of stealing a Hyundai Sonata.

In the footage, the car is seen colliding with another vehicle causing both vehicles to crash into a person and a building. The building then collapsed onto both cars. Sadly, 54-year-old Alfred Fincher was declared deceased at the scene and the suspect who drove the Hyundai Sonata was apprehended, says the Maryland Attorney General’s office. 

Officials can be seen attempting to help others who were trapped under the remains of the building. Shawn Lee Brunson, the suspect, was later charged. Three other people in addition to the driver and suspect were injured as a result of the crash, CBS Baltimore reported. 

Reports say that body camera video from a cop who was involved in the attempt to pull over the Hyundai revealed a speaker over the radio telling policeman Devin Yancy to

“just let it go,”

as the Hyandai fled. Not too long after, the officer was told that the vehicle crashed into a building over the speaker dispatch. The Baltimore Sun reported that Richard Worley, the Baltimore Police Deputy Commissioner, said in a news conference that officers didn’t attempt to chase the car; however, they did try to

“stop it.” 

An attorney who represents Fincher’s family said,

“the officer did not break off the pursuit.” 

According to Baltimore’s police policy, it reportedly says that officers aren’t allowed to chase a vehicle if the violation is a property crime, which includes auto theft. However, they can chase after a vehicle if the suspect is deemed as a threat and if there is reason to believe that the suspect’s activities caused death or injury to a victim before the chase. The AG’s office says the crash occurred following the

“attempted traffic stop.” 

The cops involved in the encounter are being investigated. 

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