Stripper Stole $62K From Customer After Lap Dance, According To Reports


It looks like a stripper in Miami, Yannelin Rivera-Bosaw, was apprehended after giving a customer excessive tequila in an effort to get him belligerently drunk and then utilizing his credit card and PayPal to steal $62,000 from his accounts, officials say, according to the New York Post

According to Local 10, the 34-year-old stripper was merely one of the multiple women who gave the man a lap dance in a private VIP room at Playmates. 

All of the women gave the customer excessive tequila shots causing him to become drunk enough to the point where he couldn’t stand. While her co-workers kept the man distracted, Rivera-Bosaw then got ahold of the unidentified man’s wallet and cellular device. 

When the man left at 4 a.m., he later realized that some items were missing leading him to check his accounts. Once he checked his accounts, he realized that there were six unauthorized withdrawals from his PayPal as well as unauthorized charges to his other bank accounts with Chase, Wells Fargo, and American Express. The Post reports that a total of $62,345 were taken from him.

The victim was able to contact officials after realizing that Rivera-Bosaw placed her number inside his phone to send herself the money. The woman admitted to investigators that she sent the payments to herself; however, alleged that the victim authorized the payments. Officials later discovered text messages between her friend and husband of her complaining about the victim canceling a PayPal transfer. 

The woman is facing several charges including fraudulent use of a credit card for $100 or more, reports Local 10

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