Twitter Reacts To Aldi’s Penis-Shaped Easter Marshmallows

With Easter rapidly approaching, multinational German supermarket Aldi, has released multiple house brand items for the upcoming holiday. Among these products were colorful marshmallows in the shape of rabbits and chicks. Despite their intentions, shoppers noticed that the treats resemble something phallic, rather than the spring time animals they planned.

Twitter user @missviaborsi was one of the first to publicly comment on the penis-shaped snacks. She uploaded a photo of the marshmallows, commenting, “Sorry Aldi, but that ain’t a Bunny.” After thousands of likes and retweets, Aldi UK’s official account responded, “We can’t even defend this.”

Many commenters joined in in the fun, making suggestions on how to market the product better. “Put them in the specials as adult toys,” one account recommended. “I will take 5 bags please,” another joked.

Interestingly enough, the marshmallows were not the first Aldi product to be joked about online. Earlier this year, what many mistook as a sex toy was actually a vibrating beauty tool that happened to be phallic shaped as well. “I swear, they’re doing this on purpose,” someone commented on the coincidence.

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