Two 14-Year-Old Students Arrested After Jumping and Stabbing Another Student In Head With Scissor In An Attempt To Steal His $400 Fanny Pack

Unsplash/ Anastase Maragos / Alec Ohlaker

Two 14-year-old high school students have been arrested and charged after attacking another student as they tried to steal his designer fanny back, reports Officials from Florida

According to the Miami Herald, a school safety official at Sandalwood High School received an assistance call on his radio close to 7:20 a.m. on Feb. 23. The school safety agent went to the nurse’s office where he discovered a student who had been attacked and was bleeding from an injury above his ear. 

The unidentified student informed the agent that he was assaulted by two teens in the bathroom as they attempted to take his Supreme fanny pack. Reports added that the bag was worth close to $400. The teen revealed that when he was attacked, one of the attackers stabbed him in the head with scissors. 

Saryn Hatcher, the school’s principal, revealed in a statement that the school was put under a

“code yellow,”

as officials investigated the incident. If you’re unaware, code yellow instructs students and teachers to remain in their classes; however, it indicates that there’s no threat to individuals in the building. 

“What happened today was absolutely unacceptable, and it is troubling when young people make decisions that lead to these outcomes,”

said the statement. 

Both teens were taken into custody, as one teen was charged with armed robbery, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and possession of a weapon on school property. The other teen was charged with armed robbery and battery causing bodily harm.

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