Two Nursing Home Staff Members Arrested After Abusing Elderly Residents, Officials Say

Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

Two nursing home staff members from Florida were arrested after allegedly abusing an elderly man who resided at the home. According to FOX, the abuse included whipping the man with a lanyard and pulling him to the ground, officials say. 

Both women, 23-year-old Rosa Edwards, and 19-year-old Aneisha Xitavia Hall were apprehended and

“charged with two counts of battery on a person older than 65.” 

On March 14, officials learned about the encounter, which took place at the Inspired Living at Ivy Ridge Assisted Living Facility in St. Petersburg. FOX reported that the woman assaulted two different people who lived at the home. Once officials found out about the incident, authorities began an investigation and learned it happened on Sunday and was reported by the executive director of the facility after watching the encounter play out on security footage. 

Reports say the two women got into an altercation with the older man who pushed an elderly woman in her wheelchair as they proceeded down the hall. The 23-year-old woman then went on to hit the man with a lanyard and chuckle. Officials added that both women grasped the man and tugged him to the floor as he clasped onto the wheelchair, which in turn caused the wheelchair to fall on its side as the elderly woman sat it in. The two women then fled the scene after the incident. 

Although Edwards and Hall reported the encounter to a co-worker, they failed to mention their involvement. When officials later spoke to Edwards, she confessed to using excessive power and later added that they both should’ve handled the situation in a different manner. Luckily, the senior residents were not injured in the incident and both women were suspended.

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