Tyrese Reveals That His Psych meds Altered His Behavior Which Caused Viral Crying Moment In 2017, Says ’That Sh-t Was Definitely A Confidence Killer’


Now, we all remember the video of Tyrese publicly sobbing and expressing his feelings about missing his 10-year-old daughter Shalya in 2017. Well, Tyrese has become candid about that moment and some factors that potentially led to the breakdown. During a discussion on The Morning Hustle Show, Tyrese spoke about mental health as he unpacked how the viral outburst was cultivated. He also revealed that he had no idea that the video went viral, which he didn’t learn about until months after the video. 

The singer-turned-actor said,

“I was on psych meds, which is called rexulti, never knew that the crying video was on the internet, never knew that I was a meme, never knew that any of that sh-t was going on until three months later when the psych meds were finally out of my system.”

The host, Lore’l, mentioned that although mental health is often spoken about, the black community made a mockery out of Tyrese despite knowing what the singer’s outburst was in relation to. 

Tyrese responded,

“I would’ve made a joke out of it too. That was the hottest sh-t, which I didn’t know, but that was the hottest sh-t period. I’m thinking to myself, ‘Sh-t, if all of this happened after the lowest point of my life, maybe I need to do a what more do you want from me part two.’”

The Baby Boy actor went on to confess that the feedback from the video was a

“confidence killer.”

He added,

“It wasn’t just the general public meaning the fans, I had to walk in some rooms and go to some awards shows and be in the presence of some people. I’m like, walking in a room, knowing that everybody’s seen the video. Man, that sh-t was definitely a confidence killer.”

#Clique, what are your thoughts? 

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