Woman Claims That She Married Her Stepdaddy, Says She and Her Mother Still Speak

TT: christywho_

A TikToker revealed that she married her stepdaddy, and is she and her mother still cool? Absolutely, which she revealed in a series of viral TikTok videos that has accumulated over 20 million views. 

In one video, the woman, Christy, uploaded a clip of her and her alleged stepdad sharing a kiss as they just tied the knot. She wrote in the text on the video,

“Marrying my stepdad was the best decision I’ve made.”

The woman also hash-tagged

“Marry your mom’s ex”

in the caption. 

This sparked confusion from TikTok users as one user wrote,

“Please tell me I’m not the only one who had to read this two times because I thought I read it wrong the first time.”

Another person wrote,

“some things are better unsaid. this is one of the things.” 

In another video, Christy attempted to clear up any confusion. She posed and answered a series of questions. The newlywed wrote that she wasn’t groomed, adding that her stepdad didn’t raise her, nor was she underaged when she met him. She went on to reveal that she and her mother are on speaking terms, and her mother and former stepdad did not have any children together. 

According to the New York Post, the TikToker and her new husband have children together.

#Clique, what are your thoughts? 

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