Woman Forced To Get Emergency Surgery After Accidentally Getting Shot In Clitoris While Relaxing At Home

Cottonbro Studio/ Pexels

A Somalian woman had emergency surgery after she was accidentally shot in her clitoris as she relaxed at home. The incident was published in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, according to the New York Post

The author of the study wrote,

“To the best of our knowledge, this is the first wayward bullet injury penetrating the vulvar area [the outer part of the female genitals] with a retained bullet in the clitoris.” 

The study says that the 24-year-old unidentified woman was relaxing at her home when a stray bullet went through her ceiling and struck her. The woman went to the hospital, and a CT scan showed the bullet in her clitoris. Fortunately, she was struck

“at a low velocity.”

The unnamed woman then had surgery where surgeons were able to remove the bullet. The surgery was successful, as she didn’t suffer from any difficulties and was later discharged from the hospital the following day. 

During her follow-up appointment the next month, it was determined that the woman was in good condition. 

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