Woman Found Guilty Of Murder After Killing Her Husband By Lacing His Favorite Cookies With Sleeping Pills

Anne Kristin Euba/ Unsplash

A stay-at-home mother was declared guilty of lacing her husband’s favorite snack with sleeping pills resulting in his death, reports the New York Post. The incident occurred in Victoria, Australia back in 2020 when Rebecca Payne laced 68-year-old Noel Payne’s favorite lemon cookies. 

People close to the couple revealed that they weren’t in the happiest marriage. Noel and Rebecca met when she lived next to his daughter Tracy. Tracy revealed that she never wished for their romance to prosper. Once Noel and Victoria met, they married shortly after. Neighbors claimed the marriage was toxic as there have been allegations of Noel beating his wife. Barry, a family friend, told A Current Affair,

“I believe he used to punch her.” 

Prosecutors say Rebecca wished to leave the marriage and she was angry about Noel having another woman residing in their home with them. The court learned the woman dreamed of drugging Noel for months and while she testified, she informed the jury that she thought he would just

“feel sleepy and go to bed”

the night of the act. 

The incident occurred on Sept. 1, 2020, when Rebecca baked lemon biscuits and put  

‘temazepam pills with a mortar and pestle’

in them, reports The Post. She laced a cookie she set aside for him with the powder by placing it in the icing. She then gave him the cookie with a glass of Milo. Reports say he didn’t wake up after that. The woman attempted to resuscitate him after she located him unconscious. She failed to call first responders, panicked, and then wrapped his corpse in a blanket. She then tied each side with tape and dumped him into a freezer. Several days later, she hauled the freezer to a neighbor’s backyard. A resident then discovered the corpse in the freezer and Rebecca was later apprehended. 

Although she confessed to the murder and was found guilty of murder, she claimed that her intentions weren’t to kill him. 

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