Woman Reportedly Tricked Female Lover Into Thinking She Was A Man For 2 Years, Reports Say Woman Made Lover Wear Blindfold In The Bedroom

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A woman, 40-year-old Blade Silvano, from the United Kingdom reportedly duped her lover into thinking that she was a man, even while they engaged in sexual activity. According to the New York Post, the facade went on for two years. 

During the duration of the scam, she also lied to her partner about surviving cancer and serving in the British Army, reports SWNS. Cambridge Crown Court was informed that she utilized an

“unknown item”

to engage in sexual activity with the woman, who still acknowledged Silvano as


amid a testimony. 

Silvano kept the scam going by telling her lover to sport a blindfold while in the bedroom as she kept on a t-shirt and boxers. According to reports, the pair even talked about getting married. The unidentified lover confessed,

“I was able to move my hands freely, the side, his back, [but] I was never able to put my hands underneath his clothes or down his boxers.” 

“He would rebuff me every time I tried to make an advance, he would nudge me away,”

she continued. 

“He was using sex toys on me; it was not allowed the other way around.”

The woman said in court that her partner, who she knew to be Blade Mendez, said she couldn’t touch her because she was insecure. 

“She said he never took his top off when they were together…… She said she had not seen Blade’s penis as he would never have the light on when they had sex,”

a bystander said in court. 

Reports added that the pair discussed marriage, which the victim went wedding dress shopping for. Silvano later canceled the wedding, as she blamed it on her cancer diagnosis, which she lied about. The victim later found out that Silvano was a woman two years into their relationship. She learned the news through Facebook. The pair initially got together through an online dating website. 

According to The Post,

“Silvano denies two counts of assault by penetration — claiming she only ever met her accuser online, never in person.” 

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