Woman Reveals That She Made Men Submit 500-Word Essay To Date Her, The Essay Had To Explain ‘How You Will Not Waste Any Time’


It looks like a 36-year-old woman from England is revealing her unique process of finding potential suitors, reports the New York Post. Lauren Kempton revealed that she requires potential men to pen her a 500-word essay if they wish to date her. Kempton revealed,

“Asking for an essay is definitely a good way of weeding out what you don’t want.” 

On the woman’s Hinge account, she was extremely clear about her qualifications, which will ultimately avoid wasting her time. She requires potential suitors to submit an application detailing

“how you will not waste any time.”

“It shows you who they are and that they have read your profile and understand your humor,”

Kempton said.

Reports note that the requirement was a mere joke in the beginning; however, dates began to take it seriously. She revealed,

“I didn’t expect someone to make so much effort.” 

One man took the requirement extremely seriously as he cultivated a PowerPoint presentation with a thorough essay. The unnamed man wrote,

“I would start by ensuring that any plans we made were kept to. This would also include indoor and outdoor date plans depending on the weather, time, cost, etc (this includes agreeing to a Harry Potter Marathon).” 

After Kempton examined the applications, she chose the best suitor; however, it didn’t prosper as she expected. Despite it all, she still motivates others to utilize the method although it didn’t quite turn out how she envisioned it. 

The mother of one went on to say,

“It’s a good way of getting people to show their humorous side and spend a bit of time making an effort.” 

#Clique, what are your thoughts? 

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