Woman Says She Made Makeup In Prison By Using Pepsi and Flour, Applied It By Using Tampon As A Brush

A woman who previously served 17 years behind bars revealed how she made her own makeup from scratch when she was locked up. Taylor uploaded a video to TikTok showcasing all of the ingredients she used to create foundation, which she made out of Pepsi, flour, and a hot cocoa mix. 

In the video, Taylor showed viewers her process. The woman started by placing flour in a bowl. From there, she went on to add a cap size of Pepsi, which she explained helps the foundation stick to your face and should be added as needed while mixing. She then continued to add the hot cocoa mix and said that the amount of mix is dependent upon the person’s complexion. She said that if it looks too dark, more flour should be added. 

Once the mixture’s texture is consistent, she said you can utilize a tampon to apply the foundation. She said,

“If you want like a makeup brush, you would use a tampon and beat it in your face.” 

Taylor then went on to apply the homemade foundation to her tattoo to showcase her creation and show its full coverage. 

Taylor’s TikTok video has grown rapidly as the video has over 17 million views with more than 30,000 comments from TikTokers. One TikToker wrote,

“Nah cause, why is it full coverage AND edible. I’m sold.” 

Another person wrote,

“This is definitely impressive. I’ve always said that our most talented people are being held down by the system.” 

#Clique, what are your thoughts? 

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