Woman Sentenced To 25 Years To Life After Fatally Shooting Man Whose Will She Forged To Take His Home 

Suffolk County District Attorney's Office

Donatila O’Mahony, 43, has been sentenced to 25 years to life after murdering 69-year-old Lee Pedersen and then forging his will to take over his home, reports FOX

Raymond A. Tierney, Suffolk County District Attorney said,

“This was a cold-blooded killing fueled by greed, treachery, and the complete disregard for Lee Pedersen’s life, all in order to steal the victim’s home. The only new home this defendant will be living in as a result of her actions, is prison.”

The DA says that Pederson’s body was discovered with a gunshot in the back of his head at his home in Aquebogue, New York back on March 8, 2020. Police searched his home and discovered that his personal belongings were missing, which included his phone, car keys, and money. Officials who were investigating went through cell phone records and surveillance video as well as interviewed the victim’s friends as well as O’Mahony. Officials learned that the suspect requested for a friend to purchase her a handgun and on the night the victim was killed, the woman borrowed the same friend’s vehicle as the car was discovered on footage near the victim’s home on the night he was killed. Hours after the murder, the vehicle was located at O’Mahony home. 

Tierney said when O’Mahony got back home, she requested for her friend to remove the gun, her clothing, as well as the ammunition. Although the friend managed to destroy everything, officials discovered a bag of ammunition that the woman’s friend kept. Once the bag was retrieved by officials, they

“swabbed for DNA”

and sent it to be tested, reports FOX. The test showed DNA from both the woman and victim. 

The investigation later discovered that O’Mahony possessed a forged will that said the victim will give her his home; however, the real will that was recovered didn’t disclose that information. 

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