Woman Sued Company That Makes Fireball Cinnamon For False Advertisement, Claims Mini-Bottles Don’t Contain Whiskey

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A woman is reportedly suing the company that makes Fireball Whisky for false advertisement. The woman says Sazerac’s packaging for the liquor brand is deceiving after she learned that Fireball Whisky mini bottles don’t include Whiskey, reports the New York Post

The lawsuit was filed against Sazerac in Illinois by Anna Marquez after she learned that the Fireball Whisky mini bottles don’t actually have Whiskey in them, as she said it was

“deceptive labeling on Fireball Cinnamon.” 

Marquez says Sazerac sold Fireball Cinnamon mini bottles for $.99 at gas stations, yet, the mini bottles didn’t include whiskey and instead contained a malt drink. The Fireball Cinnamon mini bottle, which is also sold at non-liquor stores didn’t have the word


on it like the original Fireball Cinnamon Whisky and the suit says the flavor of the mini bottle was

“malt beverage flavored to taste like its cinnamon whiskey”.

Although the bottles were similar, many people who purchased the smaller bottles weren’t paying attention to the fine print, according to KSNT. The small print read,

“Malt Beverage With Natural Whisky & Other Flavors and Carmel Color”.

According to the suit, the choice of words was a

“clever turn of phrase.”  

The suit said,

“[Consumers] will think the Product is a malt beverage with added (1) natural whisky and (2) other flavors… What the label means to say is that the Product contains ‘Natural Whisky Flavors & Other Flavors,’ but by not including the word ‘Flavors’ after ‘Natural Whisky,’ purchasers who look closely will expect the distilled spirit of whisky was added as a separate ingredient.”

The lawsuit is reportedly representing

“more than 100”

other people including Marquez who purchased the drink. The plaintiff is looking for $5 million in compensation. 

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