5-Year-Old Girl Needed 50 Stitches After Being Viciously Attacked By Dog, Dad Says

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Richard Bell

A 5-year-old girl had to be rushed to the hospital and given 50 stitches after she was attacked by a dog at the park, NY Post reported. 

Florian Becker, the father of the toddler, told the outlet that his wife and daughter were walking in a Fort Lauderdale park Friday when the dog’s owner invited kids to pet it.

“My daughter went up and pet him, and all of a sudden, the dog turned and bit her in her face,”

Becker told WSVN. 

The frantic mother sprung into action, attempting to yank the vicious dog off of her baby.

“My wife was shocked and screamed, tried to pull the dog back by its collar, and the collar broke,”

Becker said.

“The dog attacked again, this time more viciously, and she was grabbing the dog and fighting it back, holding on to it, screaming at the woman to take control of her dog.”

After the minutes-long struggle, the mother was able to free her child from the jaws of the brutal dog and immediately rushed her 5-year-old to the hospital. Traumatized, in pain, and covered in blood, the young girl had to receive 50 stitches and staples to her face, neck, and shoulders, reports reveal. Becker told the outlet, that his daughter was 

“fortunate not to sustain damage to her eyes.” 

The dog owner left the scene but was later identified by authorities, according to reports. The dog, whose breed is unknown, has been placed in animal control. It is unclear if any charges will be filed in the case.

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