50 Cent Challenges California Illegal Immigrants’ Health Insurance

Image Credit: 50 Cent/ Instagram

California’s illegal immigrants’ health insurance would mean that the state is using up taxpayers’ money. This is one of the reasons 50 Cent has aired his dissatisfaction with the law. However, a few fans shed light on the issue at hand, while others criticized the celebrity for his reaction.

The California Health Insurance Law For Illegal Immigrants That Has Sparked Debate

California is the first state to commit to illegal immigrants via the health insurance law. This means that about 750,000 people within the age bracket 26 to 49 would enjoy Medi-Cal benefits. To qualify, they must first fulfill the rules like any regular citizen.

Illegal immigrants get to enjoy the health insurance law if their earnings are below a speculated amount. But also, they must have been residual in the state for some years.

50 Cent Struggles To Comprehend The Health Insurance Law For Illegal Immigrants in California
Just as the news touched down, 50 Cent went on a ranting spree. The fearless celebrity noted for speaking his mind shared via a post:

“I don’t understand this, this it going to cost 2.6 billion dollars for tax payers. They don’t even give veterans health insurance. @arimelber call my phone now, help me understand this shit. WTF.”

Fans React To 50 Cent’s Post

According to HipHopDX gathered comments from fans on different sides of the table. One person opted for a detailed explanation. The fans quipped:

“But if they’re illegal most of them can’t work 5th unless they have received their asylum seeking credentials. So if they’re going to be here regardless minds well be healthy. Do, understand the rich are rich because of the money spent by the poor, not the rich.”

To a few, the law seemed appalling, they even cited that they lacked health insurance. One person wrote:

“My daughter is in college and she works, they kicked her off Medicaid on Dec 31. Wow.”

A second commenter noted, “I don’t even have health insurance, and I’m a citizen.”

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