70-Year-Old Woman Mauled to Death by Family Dog While Sunbathing in the Backyard

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ ARTISTIC FRAMES

A 70-year-old British woman was mauled to death by her daughter’s dog while sunbathing in her backyard, NY Post reports. 

The victim, who has not been identified, was reportedly outside sunbathing in her backyard when the dog suddenly jumped on her. Her daughter, 49, tried getting the dog off of her mom but she was also attacked. The grandmother was pronounced dead at the scene and the daughter was treated at the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. 

The daughter and her husband, whose identities have not been disclosed, were both arrested for allegedly owning a

“banned breed of dog,”

reports reveal. 

It is unclear what breed of dog attacked the woman, however, the UK legislation has banned

“American pit bull terriers, Japanese Tosas, Dogo Argentinos, and Fila Brasileiro breeds,”

reports note. 

A neighbor, who lives across the street from the family, told the outlet that he never saw any signs of aggression from the dog.

“No one knows why it attacked and killed the poor woman, it could have gone crazy after being stung by a bee or it could have had something wrong with its brain,”

he said.

An investigation is still ongoing, according to Warwickshire Police Superintendent Sutherland Lane.

“Thankfully dog attacks of this nature are exceedingly rare, but I recognized this will be deeply upsetting for the local community,”

he said.

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