911 Dispatcher Handles Call About Man Fatally Shot In Noise Dispute, Not Realizing The Victim Is Her Husband

Photo Credit: Wikicommons

A 911 dispatcher unknowingly handled the call of her mortally wounded husband who was fatally shot by their neighbor over noise complaints, NY Daily News reported. 

Juanita Reed-St. Clair, 32, said she spoke to her husband Dillon St. Clair, 39, just hours before he was gunned down by their neighbor over a long-standing dispute about noise coming from their apartment. Juanita, who was supposed to be off the clock, said she was asked by a co-worker if she could

“give the manager this [call]?’”

Only for her to find out later that the information she relayed was about her husband.

Juanita said she received a call from authorities that there was an


at the couple’s residence.

“I thought it was nothing serious, but when I got there I saw the crime scene. I didn’t know what to think,”

she told the outlet. 

Dillon was reportedly shot in the chest by their upstairs neighbor Matthew Rushie, 46. He was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. The pair shared 4 boys, aged 10 and 7, and twins, 9. They were home at the time of the shooting, reports state.

Reed St. Clair said before the shooting her husband and Rushie had a

“verbal argument”

after Rushie stormed over to their apartment unannounced demanding she keeps the noise down. Rushie lives in the apartment above the St. Claire’s as a caretaker for his mother who is also the landlady of the building.

“We have four boys, and you know, they’re boys,”

she said.

“I guess his mother is used to certain sleep patterns. She sleeps during the day and is awake at night,”

she added.

Rushie later turned himself in to police after being on the run for 6 days, reports note. He faces charges of murder, manslaughter, and possession of a loaded gun, according to the outlet. He is being held without bail on Rikers Island and is scheduled to appear in Bronx Criminal Court on Tuesday.

#Clique, let’s keep this family in our thoughts and prayers.

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