Adopted Woman Sexually Abused by Biological Dad After Meeting Him For The First Time

Photo Credit: Clearwater Police Department

A woman, who was adopted as an infant, found her biological father years later only to be sexually abused by him when they finally met for the first time, reports the NY Post

The dad, Ronald Antinore, 53, was arrested and charged with felony sexual battery and felony incest, according to online records obtained by The Post. 

The unidentified woman reportedly discovered her father and connected with him on social media, affidavits shared by The Smoking Gun reported. In August 2021, she visited Florida to see her dad for the first time and the two spent the day together, reports note. They both went out for drinks and headed back to a hotel afterward where they reportedly

“did acid,”

according to the complaint.

“The victim stated that as the acid took effect, she became unable to physically resist”

her dad, who allegedly had sex with her

“while she was laying on the bed,”

according to the complaint.

“As the effects of the acid began to wain, the victim was able to flee”


“immediately contacted her boyfriend and told him what had happened,”

the docs said per The Post. The boyfriend alerted the hotel but Antinore had already fled the scene. 

The suspect was busted last week and taken into custody by Clearwater police. He remains in jail on a $302,150, bond.

“During a post-Miranda interview, [Antinore] made incriminating statements as to what had taken place between himself and the victim,”

the docs reveal. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges, according to court records. 

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