Australian Police Officers Accused of Falsely Claiming Non-Binary Identity For Increased Clothing Allowance

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Maxim Hopman

Australian police officers are being accused of pretending to be non-binary to receive a higher clothing allowance, per The Post

The Herald Sun reports that the Victoria Police has interviewed at least 17 officers as part of their investigation into this scheme. Female officers in Victoria receive a $1,300 higher clothing allowance than male officers. 

Investigators suspect that male officers are exploiting a loophole by identifying as non-binary or gender neutral to receive the same stipend. The investigation aims to uncover the truth and take appropriate action if wrongdoing is found.

“Conduct of this sort, if validated, is not acceptable and falls far short of the standards I expect from Victoria Police members and the standards of behavior outlined in our code of conduct and Victoria Police values,”

Chief Commissioner Shane Patton wrote to Victoria Police employees after the allegations first broke.

The alleged scheme to falsely identify as non-binary for a higher clothing allowance spread rapidly, with one employee per day joining the crusade. By June, over 130 employees claimed non-binary status, up from 32 the previous year. 

A search warrant was executed in July during the investigation. The department introduced gender self-identification three years ago to promote inclusivity, but now officials are considering requiring legal declarations to prevent further abuse. The number of officers involved and potential consequences remain uncertain.

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