Baby Monitor Hackers Sold Images Of Nude Children On Telegram, Reports Say

Bernard Hermant/ Unsplash

Hackers are allegedly getting access to Hikvision cameras through the cooperation’s mobile app and using the feeds to sell child porn across social media platforms, according to FOX

An investigation conducted by the IPVM revealed that hackers were utilizing the cooperation’s Hik-Connect app to allocate child pornography on Telegram. Investigators discovered multiple sale proposals of nude footage on telegram, which included some labeled


for child porn. Others were labeled

“family room,”


“kids room.” 

Reports say the photos were shared with other people by sending a QR code which allows

“device sharing and streaming of cameras on the Hik-Connect app,”

FOX reported. 

The footage and photos were shared and sold amongst at least seven channels on Telegram, which had over 7,000 subscribers per channel. This led to an investigation causing the channels to be dismantled. The IPVM found out that the channels allowed viewers to have access to child and adult porn, and one channel gave

“access to hacked cameras for $3 to $6,”

reports FOX. 

There was a large variety of offerings, which included cameras labeled

“big house, young family, beautiful mom, wardrobe,”

“room of two sisters,”

“big family, cameras around the house, rooms of parents, brothers, and sisters,”

“cosmetic procedures,”

“men’s locker room in the gym,”

and many more.

IPVM, a surveillance industry trade publication, instantly contacted the FBI after learning through their investigation that the hacks implicated child porn. 

Hikvision said in a statement to IPVM,

“It is appalling and irresponsible that any organization would choose to advance its own objectives above protecting children. Hikvision knows nothing about these potential crimes. IPVM’s email was the first time the company has ever heard of anything like this.” 

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