Beyond the Surface: Discover Subtle Clues That Expose the Sensitive Side of a Strong Personality

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Having a blend of a strong yet sensitive personality does not make you odd; it is a pretty good oxymoron. It shows that you are humane and have blood running through your veins. People with strong personalities can manifest their character by being blunt, go-getters, and risk-takers. This extreme side can be balanced by another, often the soft and mushy side. However, a strong personality remains the dominating component, especially when it comes to reaching a set goal. Here are signs that you also possess a sensitive touch amid your strong personality.

Five Giveaways to Strong and Sensitive Personalities

Your Attention Span for Intense Conversations Is High

In a world where technology has taken over, and people barely want to engage in sensible conversation, your strong personality still points you in a different direction. You would rather end the discussion than proceed to listen to gibberish and petty talk. On the other hand, this leaves you with a desire to help people by wanting to know their stories. When they fail to open up, you may find yourself struggling to find out by investigating.

You Listen with Heart

People with strong and sensitive personalities are usually problem solvers. According to AConsciousRethink, they listen attentively and come up with constructive ways to end a crisis.

You Are Confrontational, but with Good Intentions

As a new or old worker in an office, you do not mind telling people when they are wrong. This is because you cannot tolerate lies and must bring manipulation to light. However, the end goal is not to put that person down but to help them become better and aware of such an attitude.

Your Dating Standards Are High

Your standards may not be typical because of your unwavering commitment to truth. So, while searching for a partner, you seek total honesty and can easily spot red flags. In today’s world, you may not subscribe to online dating but would prefer getting to know the person in person.

You Possess Unique Energy

Strong individuals are their own bosses; mix this with being sensitive! Instead of always calling out people for their wrongs, you may choose to avoid them. Additionally, you do not hide your thoughts about a person, even if it may anger them. When you cannot avoid them, you often remain silent whenever they talk.

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