Billy Porter Says ‘F-You’ To Disney CEO Bob Iger After Disclosing He Was Forced To Sell His House Amidst Hollywood Strikes

Photo Credit: Instagram/ theebillyporter

Due to the ongoing Hollywood strikes, Emmy-winning actor Billy Porter revealed that he is putting his house up for sale, leading him to express strong dissatisfaction towards Disney CEO Bob Iger. “F–k you,” he said in an exclusive interview with the Evening Standard per Insider.

“Because we’re on strike. And I don’t know when we’re gonna go back,”

Porter told the Evening Standard.

“The life of an artist, until you make fuck-you money — which I haven’t made yet — is still check-to-check. I was supposed to be in a new movie and on a new television show starting in September. None of that is happening.”

Porter also mentioned a July report from Deadline, in which an unnamed studio executive shared their belief that studios’ ultimate objective would be to prolong the strikes until

“union members start losing their apartments and losing their houses.”

“So to the person who said ‘we’re going to starve them out until they have to sell their apartments’: you’ve already starved me out,”

Porter said. 

Since May, the Writer’s Guild of America has been engaged in a strike, while the Screen Actors Guild joined in July, and unfortunately, there is no resolution in sight. These two prominent Hollywood unions are advocating for improved wages in the streaming era and safeguards against artificial intelligence. They are striving to negotiate a contract agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. According to NBC News, as the strikes persist, the financial strain on Hollywood writers and actors is intensifying.

Porter, well known for his role in the hit FX series


challenged Iger’s statements when he called the actor’s strike

“very disturbing,”

in a recent interview with CNBC.

“To hear Bob Iger say that our demands for a living wage are unrealistic? While he makes $78,000 a day?”

Porter told the Evening Standard.

“I don’t have any words for it, but; fuck you.”

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