Boosie BadAzz Shuts Down Rumors of Him Piercing His Nipples

Image Credit: Boosie BadAzz/ Instagram

A fan got enough explaining from Boosie BadAzz after accusing the rapper of piercing his nipples. Boosie gave off his no-nonsense personality while claiming his masculinity. At the same time, he appeared to be speaking for women to have their pride.

Boosie BadAzz Basks In His Masculinity While Refuting His Nipple Piercing Rumors

Boosie BadAzz went on Instagram Live to quench the rumors about piercing his nipples. The rapper maintained that he would never be caught doing a woman’s thing.

He chimed in:

“I don’t do no hoe sht,” Boosie responded. “I don’t do sht that women do. You ain’t gonna ever catch Boosie doing no hoe sht. I’m a man. I let women get all their pride. You’ll never catch me doing nothing a woman do.” The rapper also charged at men who try to display their feminine side and act like women. Boosie claimed that it’s a puzzling narrative and that women should be allowed the luxury of rocking their blings. Boosie added: “That’s for hoes. All them ns doing woman sht. I don’t get it bro. You desire to be a woman? I don’t understand how ns be trying to take what women do and do it better.”

Reactions From Critics

Not everyone agreed that the piercings are primarily for women. Some even termed his confession homophobic. A fan wrote :

“Y’all don’t get tired of promoting homophobia? I mean really.”

Another quipped:

“Take out ya earrings den n***a, & the sunglasses.. leave the flashy shi for the ‘women.”

Boosie BadAzz isn’t one to keep quiet when there is something to express, ditto his nipple piercing rumor. The rapper is noted for speaking his truth without fear of backlash. HipHopDX gathered that he weighed in on Lil Nas X’s new music video. Boosie maintained that Nas X’s depiction of Jesus and heaven in the J Christ single was “disrespectful.”

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