Boston Marathon Runner Caught Pooping In Strangers Yard By Doorbell Camera

Footage from a doorbell camera has gone viral after a homeowner caught a Boston Marathon runner defecating on their lawn, The New York Post reports.

On Monday, a Reddit user posted the video, titling it “One of the marathon runners just took a s*** in my yard (video inside).” In a thread below the video, the owner of the house explains that there were plenty of portable toilets located throughout the course for runners to use, and that there was “absolutely zero reason for someone to trespass to take a s*** on a lawn.”

The footage shows a marathon participant dropping their shorts in order to relieve themselves. Around eight seconds into the video, a spectator walks down the home’s front pathway, and stops after locking eyes with the runner. After finishing, the lawn-pooper pulls their shorts back up and runs in between two trees before re-entering the marathon course.

In the comments of the now deleted footage, many expressed their opinions, some enraged by the competitor, and some coming to their defense:

“People are weird as h*** man,”
one person wrote. “I would be livid if someone took a s*** on my property, running a marathon or not.”

“I’m sure the runner was really embarrassed to have to do that,” another commenter stated. “I wouldn’t call her out on it any further.”

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