Boy Playing Hide-And-Seek Discovered In Another Country Six Days Later

Photo Credit: Wikicommons

A 15-year-old boy accidentally locked himself inside a shipping container while playing hide and seek with friends and was found a week later across the country, India Times reported. 

The boy identified only by his first name, Fahim of Bangladesh was playing hide and seek with friends when he wandered off into the parked container. The teen reportedly locked himself inside the container and while waiting for friends to find him he fell asleep. 

The container was taken to a commercial ship where it was transported from Chittagong to Malaysia. The boy who went missing on January 11th was discovered six days later in West Port Klang in Malaysia.

According to the outlet, Fahim cried out for help from within the container but could not be heard. A Reddit video taken by workers at Port Klang shows the teen emerging from the container seemingly weak and confused. Officials said he had a fever and he was later taken to a nearby hospital. Arrangements for him to return to Bangladesh have been made as soon as he recovers. 

Investigators initially thought Fahim was a victim of a human trafficking scheme and is happy to know he’s alive. 

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