Brian McKnight Demanded Estranged Daughter To Reveal Sexual History In Bitter Court Battle


It looks like singer Brian McKnight is demanding his estranged daughter, Briana, to inform him of how many sexual partners she’s been involved with and the essence of the encounters. This demand is in connection to a lawsuit against McKnight filed by Briana. According to, back in 2020, Briana sued the singer for defamation. 

The lawsuit alleges that McKnight spewed lies about Briana online. Briana claims that McKnight told his followers on social media that she

“engaged in sexual relations with an older cousin”

as a minor. She detailed the relationship between her and her father as an

“emotional roller coaster,”

reports She admitted to being close with her half-brothers, Niko and BJ, but not McKnight.

Although Briana and McKnight were in contact sporadically, she revealed that he never publicly claimed her. If you’re unaware, McKnight had Briana with Patricia Driver while he was married to his former wife, Julie. McKnight and Julie have two sons together, Niko and BJ. Currently, the songwriter is married to Leilani Malia Mendoza, whom he has taken on her children as his. 

Briana says she attempted to build a relationship with McKnight in 2018; yet, she claimed that he denied her efforts. The next year, she made a post on Instagram about having an absent father without name-dropping McKnight and she faced pushback from the singer as he accused her of having sex with her cousin, who was over 18 at the time. Briana denies the claim and believes McKnight was attempting to save his image.

Documents obtained by the outlet revealed that Brian requested Briana to answer sensitive questions as a part of the case, which Briana requested the court not force her to answer. She revealed that she will answer the question about her having sex with a relative; however, she doesn’t want to answer any further questions. Reports added,

“In February, Brian and Briana reached a deal to dismiss the lawsuit before the case went to trial.”

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