California Thieves Steal Half a Million Dollars Worth of Marijuana

Photo Credit: KSBW

Police are searching for a group of thieves who were captured on surveillance footage robbing half a million dollars worth of marijuana from a California cannabis shop, the NY Post reported. 

The robbery occurred at 3Bros marijuana warehouse on Fair Avenue in Santa Cruz at around 2:30 a.m. on Thursday. The video shows four cars stationed outside the business with a group of masked men loading the vehicles with hundreds of pounds of weed. 

An unnamed witness said the burglars were armed and moved so swiftly that they finished and sped off in less than 15 minutes, each vehicle going in different directions.

“They were masked up, clubbed up, and I had a really hard time even making the description of the people because of the weapons I saw,”

they told KSBW. 

Police are also having a hard time identifying the men due to the use of stolen vehicles and license plates, according to the outlet. Police believe the thieves targeted another cannabis store on Sunday in the Harvey West Park area in Santa Cruz.

Police Deputy Chief Jon Bush said these attacks against cannabis businesses are spreading across the Bay Area.

“Unfortunately, this isn’t something that’s just occurring in Santa Cruz,”

he told KSBW.

“It’s across all the Bay Area and the region, especially with the recent increase in marijuana dispensaries being allowed to sell marijuana.”

Official suspect that thieves are robbing these businesses because they

“incorrectly believe the stores have a lot of cash on hand,”

reports note. 

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