Cher’s Daughter-In-Law Fires At Her By Responding to The Singer’s Son’s Conservatorship Lawsuit

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Cher’s son’s conservatorship lawsuit is ongoing, as the judge has set a new date for a hearing between the pair. But before then, the family has been embroiled in a chain of drama and accusations. The focus is currently on Cher’s daughter-in-law, who accused the singer of using her power and influence to be abusive.

Cher files for sole control of her son’s conservatorship.

Radar Online mentioned details of Cher’s request to handle her son Elijah’s conservatorship. The singer cited that her child is entitled to a trust distribution as stipulated by his father. However, his condition makes him the least suitable. This is because, for years, Elijah has found it impossible to achieve sobriety.
Cher’s grievance is not only with her son, who has refused to give up his demons, but she also blames her daughter-in-law, Marieangela.

In the filing, she stated:

“Until recently, Elijah and Angela were estranged, and their tumultuous relationship has been marked by a cycle of drug addiction and mental health crises.”

Marieangela has not only left him stuck in the situation but also works against getting her husband cleaned up. To corroborate the claim, Cher told the court that her daughter-in-law attempted to check him out of a treatment center.

Cher vs Daughter-In-Law

Marieangela is unwilling to go down without a fight. In a new declaration lawsuit, she absolved Elijah of any wrongdoing, claiming that they had a perfect romance. After confessing her love for him, she stated:
“He is also a recovering drug addict and alcoholic.”

Somehow, Elijah’s mental state did not create doubts in her mind, as Marieangela says her husband is very normal. According to the papers, Cher’s son is committed to becoming sober by attending AA meetings. Additionally, he has a full grasp of his finances.

Contrary to what Cher said about her son’s incapacity, Marieangela explained that her mother-in-law had been the aggressor. In the lawsuit, she accused the singer of being abusive and manipulative because of her “wealth, fame, and power.”

Elijah’s wife also referenced the escape from a facility incident. Her story claimed that her husband was isolated in a Mexican treatment center and held against his will. Eventually, with the help of the Mexican and American governments contacted by Marieangela, he became free. She tagged Cher as an emotional trigger who should likely not be around him.

The court has refused to give Cher control over her son’s conservatorship, but the coming days will tell as she may have to prove her case.

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