Chinese Authorities Arrest Man Who Allegedly Scared His Neighbors Chicken to Death as Part of a Revenge Scheme

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Henrique S. Ruzzon

A Chinese man is accused of trespassing onto his neighbor’s property and scaring thousands of the man’s chickens to death in an alleged revenge plot, NY Post reported. 

The suspect, who was only identified by his surname Gu, reportedly had an ongoing feud with his neighbor, identified as Zhong. Gu reportedly sneaked onto Zhong’s property with a flashlight and shined it into the coop that held a flock of chickens, causing them to panic and trample one another to death. Unfortunately, 500 chickens died as a result.

Police arrested Gu and he was ordered to pay his neighbor 3,000 yuan, or $436. However, that didn’t stop Gu from spinning the block one last time. According to China Daily, Gu became more irate over the payment and went back to  Zhong’s chicken coop and performed the same lethal act. Officials say a total of 1,100 chickens were slain in the two massacres.

According to the outlet, the dispute between the two neighbors began in April 2022 when Gu cut down Zhong’s trees without his permission.

Gu was charged with

“intentionally caused property loss”

and is ordered to pay Zhong 13,840 yuan, or $2,015. Gu will serve six months in prison with one year of probation, reports reveal. 

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