Chrisean Rock Tattoos Her Blueface on Her Face Amid Short-term Reunion

Image Credit: TikTok

Chrisean Rock is not about to pass up her man and she has a bold face tattoo to prove that she is all for Blueface. Despite what seems like a dynamite between these two, they somehow find a way to reconcile. Now Chrisean says she cannot move on even with Blueface in jail. Her next move is a very obvious face on her face.

Chrisean Rock’s Blueface Face Tattoo After Her Shocking Move-In

On January 28, Chrisean Rock flaunted the Blueface tattoo on her face. The former athlete took fans through a fast-paced transformation, which involved her sticking around to finish up the inking process. In the first few seconds of the shared clip, HipHopDX showed a pen sketch of her baby daddy’s face. Chrisean, who smiled throughout the process as she laid her head on a sofa. Once completed, the camera zoomed in on the new tattoo.

This move comes after a tumultuous ending and hasty reunion between Blueface and Chrisean. The pair, whose romance is popularly unstable, showed the world as they engaged in a physical altercation with their son in the mix. Chrisean explained that she had visited the rapper, but he assaulted her.

Shortly after that, Blueface turned himself in to begin a jail term. This was due to his probation violation. Following his absence, Chrisean expressed her love for him, claiming they had reconciled. She told her online audience they had fun while admitting that their romance is unique.

Much later, the mother-of-one acknowledged that she could not move on and that she had started to communicate daily with the rapper while in jail. Before the Blueface tattoo on her face, Chrisean shared her moving-in experience with fans. It appeared that she had contracted a moving company to help her move into her baby daddy’s home.

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