College Student Records Moment She Realizes She Lost A $100,000 Scholarship Because She Forgot To Open The Letter, The College Saw Her Viral Video and ‘Made Her Dream Come True’

Photo Credit: TikTok/ @luvlyymadiii

A TikToker captured the shocking moment when she learned that she had overlooked an offer letter to one of her top three colleges that offered the graduate a six-figure scholarship. The video which has now garnered over 5 million views entered the hands of someone from the college who later honored the girl’s original scholarship, Insider reported.  

A TikToker who goes by the name Luvlyymadiii posted her reaction to opening a letter she received from a college she applied to that happened to be an acceptance letter. The video captioned,

“going through my unopened college acceptance letters from October after cleaning my closet.”

The video then goes into showing Madi seemingly surprised after reading where the letter was from and what it said. In the next clip, Madi is seen looking into the camera with the caption that read,

“shocked and angry.” 

On the next screen caption, she revealed that she’d just opened an offer letter from one of her top three colleges that rewarded her with a $104,000 scholarship, but she had already accepted a spot at a community college instead because she couldn’t afford the tuition.

Over 100 thousand TikTok users commented on the video, with many expressing empathy for Madi and some questioning why it took her so long to open such an important letter. 

In a follow-up video, Madi said she had been applying to several colleges since the middle of her junior year in high school and had received over 300 acceptance letters from colleges in the mail.

“It was impossible for me to open every single one of them,”

she said as she opened up about being busy with schoolwork and having a job at the time.

However, in the same upload, Madi announced that the school in question, Maryville College in Tennessee, had come across her video and called her up to say

“they were gonna make my dreams come true”

and said that they were going to still honor her scholarship.

“I’m just so excited!”

the TikToker said in the video.

Dr. Alayne Bowman, vice president for admissions and financial aid at Maryville College, told Insider that she was the one who reached out to the TikToker,

“and not only did the college ‘honor her scholarship’ they were also ‘thrilled to learn more about Madi and suggested some additional scholarships’ which Bowman said the TikToker had applied for, and was awarded,”

reports state. 

“We knew we could make this dream of hers come true,”

she said.

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