Diddy’s World Is Rocked By a Third Sexual Assault Charge From An Unnamed Woman

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Allegations are raining down on Sean Diddy Combs from “Jane Doe” following the sexual assault charge from Cassie Ventura. Now, a third woman has stepped forward just days after the rapper’s ex-lover filed a lawsuit against him. The latest accuser is an unidentified woman who claims there was a third party involved.

Diddy’s Third Sexual Assault Charge Was Due To Rape That Occurred in the 90s — Jane Doe was the Victim

Over three decades have passed, but an anonymous woman refuses to be silenced. Diddy’s third sexual assault charge involves a rape case allegedly perpetrated by the music magnate and songwriter Aaron Hall.

According to the observation of the lawsuit detailed on TMZ, it is believed that the incident occurred in 1990 or 1991, although a specific date is not mentioned. Despite not having a fixed date, the woman claims she vividly remembers all that transpired.

This Jane Doe accuses Diddy and Aaron Hall of raping her and a dear friend. Earlier in the day, the women enjoyed drinks purchased by the men. Much later, she was lured to Hall’s room and forced to have sex after consuming more alcohol.

Unfortunately, she became an object of pleasure for Diddy and Hall, who took turns. Simultaneously, her friend was not spared as the men descended upon her.

Diddy & Jane Doe In Her Home

More details revealed in Diddy’s third sexual assault charge indicate that he visited Jane Doe in an attempt to intimidate her. The content read:

“He was irate and began assaulting and choking Jane Doe to the point that she passed out. Combs was searching for Jane Doe’s friend because he was worried that she would tell the girl he was with at the time what he and Hall had done to them.”

Before going public via the lawsuit, Jane Doe shared her experience with family and friends. Following her alleged rape, she also visited the hospital.

Diddy’s Sexual Assault Charges

Diddy’s third sexual assault charge comes shortly after Joi Dickerson Neal accused the rapper of raping and drugging her. The Californian resident claimed she was a student at Syracuse University at the time.

The first time any rape allegations were made against Diddy was when Cassie filed a lawsuit under New York Law, stating that she was subjected to drug abuse, rape, and physical violence during their romance.
The rapper’s representatives have denied the first two accounts of abuse. However, there has been no response from him regarding this new story from Jane Doe.

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