Drunk Woman in Ohio Attempts To Lure A Four-Year-Old Boy Away From His Parents By Impersonating As A CPS Officer

Lisa Nacrelli Mug Shot
Photo Credit: Norwood Police Department

Police arrested Lisa Nacrelli after she drunkenly attempted to lure a 4-year-old boy to her home. The Ohio native posed as a CPS worker to gain access to the child, according to Radar Online

The incident occurred June 17 after the 44-year-old woman paid the child’s family a visit at their home. She came dressed for the part, claiming to work for local Child Protective Services. Ohio authorities state Nacrelli wore a badge and asked to enter the family’s home to perform a welfare inspection because of a submitted complaint. The victim’s mother, Jaimie Spradlin, said she knew all the children’s names, which made her ruse even more convincing.

When Nacrelli left without giving any contact information to the parents, they knew something wasn’t right. The parents reviewed their security footage and allegedly saw Nacrelli touch the child, stroke his hair, and place her arm around him before she spoke to the parents separately, WCPO-TV reported.

After seeing the footage, the parents researched and quickly discovered Nacrelli was not a CPS officer.

Jaimie told WCPO-TV,

“Everything was a lie, and now we’re sitting here on top of being enraged that this even happened, terrified because I don’t know what her plan was”

Tim Spradlin, the father, added,

“It creeps us out a little bit; it’s gut-wrenching.”

Court records state that Nacrelli had been day drinking and noticed the child outside when she returned from Kroger. She felt the young boy wasn’t receiving proper supervision, so she pretended to be CPS to scare his parents. However, she never mentioned wanting to kidnap the young boy.

Apparently, the CPS impersonator lives near the child and has allegedly asked him to come home with her on three separate occasions before the boy told his mom, officials state.

Norwood Police Department has charged Nacrelli with criminal child enticement, burglary, and impersonating an officer. Nacrelli has been given a $10,000 bond for her crimes.

#Clique, what would you have done in this situation?

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