Dwight Howard Calls People “Weird” For Asking Questions While Denying The Sexual Abuse Accusations

Photo Credit: Dwight Howard/ Instagram

Stephen Harper just made himself famous after he levied sexual assault charges on Dwight Howard. It appeared that the NBA star and Stephen Harper, the accuser, were intimate. Though Howard does not deny their connection, as.com reports, he refuses to acknowledge any accusation from Harper.

Before And After The Sexual Assault Charges

Dwight Howard and Stephen Harper did not begin their relationship as enemies. Both men claimed they had sexual relations, but the accuser adds that he was forced. The incident occurred in July, and immediately after the alleged sexual assault, Harper informed the Gwinnett County police.

However, the case did not fly because he failed to attend an interview. Harper has now issued a lawsuit charging Dwight Howard with an array of offenses, beginning from sexual charges to imprisonment.

The Lawsuit Against Dwight Howard

According to files presented after connecting via Instagram, the pair consented to an intimate affair. But before he reached the NBA star’s home, another man was there. Howard and Harper had discussed having a third person (Kitty), to which the latter objected. Yet the basketball star and Kitty forcefully had their say with Harper.

The alleged victim added that he was locked in a room and was somewhat threatened. Consequently, he feared that his body would be harmed if he restrained them. This experience has left him in a shock he is yet to recover from.

Dwight Howard Has Reacted To The Sexual Assault Charges By Stephen Harper

Howard’s legal team has asked for a summary judgment. They maintain that the sexual relations were consensual. According to court documents, the accused intentionally blocked Harper, who got offended and chose to blackmail him. However, his refusal to play the game led to Harper’s fabricated story.

After weeks of rumors and media runs, Howard opened his mouth to tell his side of the story. But it was nothing like anyone had expected. The 37-year-old took to Instagram to criticize people eager to hear him deny the accusations.

Howard claimed he owes nobody any explanations; he even tagged those willing to hear more as “weird,” adding that his bedroom duties are off-limits.

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