Elderly Man Viciously Mauled By Pet Dogs, Owner Says They ‘Snapped’ After Pet Services Visit

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ David Taffet

An elderly man was mauled to death by his pet dogs, Fox News reported. Family members claim the dogs


after returning home from receiving pet services. 

Ramon Najera, an 81-year-old grandfather, and Air Force veteran, was viciously attacked along with three other people, including his 74-year-old wife, who suffered injuries from at least two dogs, San Antonio police said 

The dogs, identified as American Staffordshire Terriers, were euthanized after the fatal attack. Abilene Moreno, Christian’s wife, told Fox 29,

“It’s like they snapped… They snapped on all of us.”

Abilene said the dogs had shown

“noticeable behavior changes”

after returning home from quarantining at an Animal Care Services facility following previous a bite incident. She said her husband also discussed giving the dogs up for adoption before his brutal demise. 

San Antonio Fire Captain Charles told the outlet that firefighters had to

“fight off at least two Staffordshire Terriers with pickaxes and pipe poles to get to the victims.”


“gentleman [was] being dragged by a dog. They could see him completely bloodied before they got off of the truck,”

Hood said. 

Christian Moreno, the 31-year-old owner of the dogs was arrested and faces felony charges for the attack. Animal Care Services Director Shannon Sims told Fox News that they have received numerous complaints from neighbors about neglect from the owners and defended their policy on releasing the dogs.

“Those animals finished their state-required quarantine, and the owner paid reclaim fees, and by state law, we were required to return those animals.”

Abilene said they never neglected the animals and kept them away from neighbors.

“We never neglected them. We always made sure the gates were closed. We always made sure their harnesses were on them after we got them from ACS,”

she told the outlet. The family has since launched a GoFundMe campaign for Ramon Najera where they described him as

“an adventurous, outgoing, and loving family man.”

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