Elevate Your Existence: Thrive Instead of Just Surviving with These Fundamental Life Skills

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Life is beautiful, no matter how you look at it, but it depends on whether you are surviving or thriving. Surviving is like trying various strategies to stay alive but never truly living life to the fullest. It can lead to underdevelopment and an inability to create value. If you’re in survival mode, you often feel sad about the state of things. On the other hand, thriving is about blooming, enjoying your existence, and appreciating what makes you alive, including yourself. Make no mistake: those who thrive do not do so without challenges. However, their mastery of happiness often puts them above emotions and the present, which is bound to change for the better.

Leaping from Surviving to Thriving

Moving from surviving to thriving is not as easy as it may seem, but the following small steps can help you get there.

Understanding Why You Are Surviving and Not Thriving

Being honest with yourself is crucial in this case. You need to understand why you are surviving instead of thriving so that you can address the problem at its root.

Building Up Self-Love

This isn’t a selfish thing to do, especially when you are struggling to move from survival mode to the thriving phase. Remind yourself that your existence matters. Let go of negative energy and focus on the positives. Stop feeling guilty and tell yourself that you are deserving of good things. Creating daily affirmations can help build a positive mindset.

Conquering Fear with Resilience

Build up your resilience. Don’t let life easily throw you off balance. If it does, regain control and bounce back. You may experience setbacks that lead to anxiety or depression, but try to fight through it. Seek therapy or lean on the support of good friends to unload your burdens.

Spotting Bad Habits

Your own bad habits may be holding you back. Lack of discipline can drain your thriving energy, keeping you in a survival state. However, once you recognize your mistakes and stop them from hindering your life, your transition from “surviving” to thriving mode will become clearer.

According to AConsciousRethink, transitioning from surviving to thriving comes with its fair share of challenges. But it is possible if you believe in it. Have faith in yourself and desire that change in order to see it happen.

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