Engagement Etiquette: The Optimal Moment to Say ‘Yes!’

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Getting engaged is a big step in your relationship journey. It means that you have agreed to overlook your partner’s flaws or shortcomings. In other words, you are ready to settle with the person. Some people know the minute they meet their other half that an engagement is certain. For others, it may take longer. So, it is never a question of how long you have been dating. Some signs matter when getting engaged. See them below.

Signs That You May Be Getting Engaged Soon

Whether from a place of popping or answering the big question, here are signs that should top your list:

Shared Values With Your Partner

Before bending the knee and saying the “yes” of a lifetime, be convinced that you share basic values and beliefs with your other half. Understandably, lovers have their differences influenced over the years by their backgrounds and environment. But some things can never be overlooked. Do you think alike when it comes to family, the number of kids, religion, and understanding boundaries? If yes, then getting engaged is probably how to begin your forever journey.

Family and Friends Give A Nod

Once the people around you become familiar with your lover and they feel it’s time to think about an engagement, then give it a thought. This does not translate to you not being able to handle your business. However, when family and friends believe in a relationship, it’s likely to soar, irrespective of what appears to be a stumbling block.

You Feel Comfortable

When there is no need to hide your true nature, including likes, dislikes, family history, and even fears. This may involve discussing a future engagement and your goals for the relationship. Once you get to this point, getting engaged should be a piece of cake.

Getting Engaged Is Better When You Two Are Mentally Ready

No matter the pressure from family, friends, or your partner, you only get engaged when the feeling is mutual.

Brides advises that you slow down the brakes of an engagement until you’re convinced that it is right for you. Typically, some couples date for a year and above before taking the big step. But this does not guarantee a successful marriage. Meanwhile, dating for a short period is usually not the norm, as there are things you may discover in the long run. Usually, the honeymoon phase of most relationships lasts for about a year.

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