Ex-Louisville Police Officer Gets Sued For Using Police Resources To Harass, Cyberbully, and Extort Women For Nudes

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Former Louisville cop, Bryan Wilson, is being sued for allegedly using his position of power to

“harass, cyberstalk, hack, and extort nude images”

from an unnamed local schoolteacher, Insider reports.

In the lawsuit, the woman – listed as Jane Doe – claims Wilson used his resources as an officer to take part in

“sexual deviance and predatory acts”

during the summer of 2020. Additionally, she alleges the Louisville Metro Police Department and his superiors did nothing to stop or take action against him.

Wilson gained access to his victim’s information through a database called Accurint. Using the platform, he would

“identify computer applications belonging to those women,”

hack those platforms using the victim’s information, and steal

“compromising photographs”

to use as leverage.

Per the lawsuit, Wilson posed as a member of Snapchat’s Support Team. Eventually, he convinced her to send the account’s password after the two exchanged messages about Snapchat’s security policy. 

Using her information, he illegally logged in and stole a

“private video.”

Afterward, he messaged her saying,

“It would go away if she would show him her ‘boobs.’”

Doe contacted LMPD’s sex crimes unit multiple times after the initial incident but received no response. 


“exploitative, harassing, and cruel”

texts continued over the next month as he threatened to send the video to her friends, relatives, colleagues, superiors, and the school district superintendent. In one case, he actually sent the video to one of Doe’s friends.

Additionally, the lawsuit mentions

“Jane Doe was terrified that Wilson was watching her and became deeply afraid for her safety,”

adding that she feared for her job and that her students would end up seeing the video.

The complete list of victims is

“unknown, but is believed to be over 20.” 

Presently, the former cop is serving a 30-month prison sentence after he pled guilty to stalking multiple women – unrelated to Jane Doe’s lawsuit – and throwing drinks at civilians while driving in an unmarked car.

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