Father Arrested for Allegedly Biting ‘Ungrateful’ Newborn After Nurses Overheard Him Call Baby ‘Evil’

Photo Credit: Boone County Sheriff’s Office

An Indiana father has been arrested after biting his newborn daughter multiple times, leaving

“mouth-shaped bruises”

and teeth marks all over the infant’s body, Law & Crime reported. 

Gavan Rogers, 24, was picked up by the Boone County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday. The parents attended the newborn’s 2-week checkup at the Witham Hospital in Lebanon when hospital staff noticed

“suspicious bruising”

on the baby’s forearms, stomach, shoulders, knee, and leg reports state. Staff immediately notified the Whitestown Police Department.

Police questioned Rogers who said he

“open-mouth kissed” or “play bit”

the infant with

“too much force,”

Indianapolis Fox affiliate WXIN reported. Rogers explained that he

“nibbled too hard”

on the baby but she was fully clothed. Detectives reportedly counted

“at least six”

bite marks on the newborn, according to the Reporter. 

“These injuries could only have been inflicted while using excessive force, which would have caused severe pain to the [victim],”

the affidavit reportedly states. Detectives also learned that after the baby’s birth, Rogers called the child

“evil,” a “little b—-” and “ungrateful”

when the child was in the neonatal intensive care unit, WXIN reported.

One nurse reportedly wrote,

“I am not comfortable sending this baby home to the care of [father of the baby].”

Nurses also noted that Rogers appeared


whenever his daughter would cry,  per WXIN. 

He now faces charges of one count of neglect of a dependent resulting in bodily injury and one count of domestic battery with bodily injury to a person under 14, court records reveal.

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