Father Seeks Advice After Learning That His 13-Year-Old Son Is A Sex Offender, Says He Is Scared To Get Him Professional Help

Majestic Lukas/Unsplash

A father is in a dilemma and has revealed some shocking news in a Facebook parenting group this week as he called for advice. The anonymous man wrote a post in the group revealing that his 13-year-old son is a

“repeat sex offender”

while admitting that he didn’t know how to

“handle it.” 

“Last year, I won full physical custody of my son when he was nearly 12 and I’ve had him a little over a year now. Before [getting custody from his mother], I had spoken with his school, and long story short, they said he was very disrespectful and out of control. He nearly got himself expelled for threatening another child with a hypothetical gun he allegedly had in his backpack,”

the father wrote. 

The father went on to say that he has been witnessing odd actions from his son, which include him watching

“violent porn”

in front of his friends and little brother. The father also noticed his son making nasty comments to relatives. 

He gave an example, revealing,

“He would make [remarks] about my mum’s breasts and let her know when he had a boner.” 

The father added,

“About three days ago, [a friend of my son] told me my son raped [a] girl. She told me that the girl told her that my son put his privates in her butt. I went and got my son and asked the girl to repeat it while he was standing there and she told him the same thing and without any sign of remorse he just simply denied it with a blank stare.” 

His son’s younger brother admitted that his brother raped the girl and revealed that he threatened to murder him if he told.

The minor victim informed the father

“He did things to me and hurt my feelings.”

The father admitted that he is concerned his son will be reported and go to jail if he seeks help. However, many people chimed in and offered advice. One person commented,

“You can’t change his behavior, he needs serious help.”

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